The Negative Capability StoryMap

The KLP Editors
Keats University (JK!)

Re: Keats’s 21, 27 Dec 1817 letter to George and Tom Keats

To start off our extended commemoration of negative capability, first take a deep dive into what Keats was up to in mid-to-late December 1817. Turns out he was pretty busy! You can read the StoryMap as embedded below, or, for a better visual experience, open in a new window with this link.

**By the way, StoryMapJS is a great tool developed by the kind folks at the Northwestern University Knight Lab. Check it out and give it a try yourself!**

Click here to view in a separate window (which may provide better dimensions)

One thought on “The Negative Capability StoryMap

  1. Great way of conveying just how busy a month this was for Keats. Maybe “Bright Star 2” (or the prequel) needs to zero in on just December 1817, no? Thanks for all your innovative work here.

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