This Week in Keats, Episode 5: ‘When once a man delays a letter’

This Week in Keats
Brian Rejack (Illinois State University) and Michael Theune (Illinois Wesleyan University)

Re: Keats’s 14 Feb 1818 letter to George and Tom Keats

For the latest episode of This Week in Keats, Brian and Mike discuss the etiquette of writing a late reply (something no KLP editor would ever do!), Keats’s playful acknowledgement of his burgeoning fame (“in the west country”), cultural attitudes toward Methodism circa 1818, and an intriguing story about a Keats manuscript and Oscar Wilde.

This Week in Keats – Episode One – 17 Dec 2016

For our final response of 2016, the KLP is delighted to introduce a special segment, which we’ll feature from time to time on the site: This Week in Keats. As you’ll hear in the video, the basic idea behind the concept is for two of the KLP founders (Brian Rejack and Mike Theune) to discuss what’s been happening this week in Keats (200 years later). For the first episode, we’re discussing Keats’s 17 December 1816 letter to Charles Cowden Clarke. Enjoy!