Keats’s Letters

John Keats wrote 252 letters that have survived to the present day. The Keats Letters Project tracks those letters two hundred years on, featuring responses to each letter written by scholars, critics, fans and acolytes of Keats from across the globe.

There are many ways you can navigate the textual spaces of the KLP. In the spirit of replicating the temporal experience of correspondence (at a remove of two hundred years), we encourage you to follow the site and read responses as they emerge. If you would like to locate a specific letter and its response, you can use keyword searches, or you can find letters organized by date on this page. We have separated out the letters by the year when they were written.

We’re just at the beginning of this years-long celebration of Keats’s letters. There will be ample material across the years, so keep coming back to correspond with Keats!

1815 Letters

1816 Letters

1817 Letters

1818 Letters

1819 Letters

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