The Bicentennial of Keats’s Death

The last bicentennial of a letter written by Keats himself came on 30 November 2020, when the KLP published a “Collective Valediction” for the occasion. (Also read individual essays on Keats’s last letter by Jeffrey Cox, Beth Lau, Karen Swann, and Michael Theune.) Another important bicentennial belongs to a few months later: 23 February 2021, 200 years since the day that Keats died in Rome.

The KLP is hosting an event on that date (see below), but we’re also posting some new pieces on the site in the lead-up to the bicentennial, as well as cataloguing a number of other resources related to this final day of Keats’s life. This page serves as a hub for these linked materials.

Check back for more updates as we approach the bicentennial. And, as ever, remember to weep for Adonais.